Bonjour j'aurai besoin d'aide pour ces question j'ai mis le texte juste en bas merci d'avance:)You'd probably love to become a Survivor contestant... but it's a demanding game. You have to be strong, but clever and determined too. To be a survivor, you need to prepare and train hard. Here is a list of must-have skills. 1. Do you collaborate with others easily? There's no T in the word 'team! Having a team spirit is a key to success in Survivor as everyone has to team up. If you're good at making friends, it s will be easy for you to create allies. As the saying goes: there's strength in numbers 2. Are you sporty enough? You'll need to be tough to survive, but it's really your stamina and inner strength that count. Hay- to ing big muscles may look great, but beware, the other survivors will see you as competition and a threat! Start exercising now! 4. Can you make fire? Your tribe will consider you as indispensable, but only if you can build and start a fire! So yo 'd bet- ter learn how to start a fire by rubbing wooden sticks or stones together. This is the most essen- tial skill 25 5. Can you survive on little food? There's little food on Survivor with usually just one small portion of beans or rice per day! Start eating less food before you become a survivor. If not, you will always be hungry! 3. Can you solve problems? There are lots of problems and enigmas to solve is on the island, so it's really important to be good at this. Look for some puzzles online and get into a daily routine of practice, you'll soon become a master problem-solver Remember, Survivor is only for the courageous! It's worth a little preparation to win a lot, isn't it? Keep your eye on the prize - a million dollars! Remember that fortune favours the brave. 11​

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