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Qual alternativa está incorreta?    a) I am being evil with my son.    b) Do I being evil with your son?    c) Am I being evil with my son?    d) I am not being evil with my son. 2 - Preencha as lacunas das frases abaixo com verbo "to play" no present continuous. a) She_______________ video games. b) You _______________ the piano. c) I __________________ football. d) We ________________ the guitar. e) It _________________ ball. f) They _______________ basketball. g) You _______________ golf. h) He ________________ rugby.       3 - Identifique nos trechos das canções abaixo os verbos que estão no Present Continuous Tense: a) "We're all just looking for connection      Yeah, we all want to be seen      I'm looking for someone who speaks my language      Someone to ride this ride with me... "      (Kate Perry - Witness) b) "You're giving me a million reasons to let you go       You're giving me a million reasons to quit the show       You're givin' me a million reasons..."       (Kat Dahlia - I Think I'm In Love Again) c) "We're running out of time      Chasing our lies      Everyday a small piece of you dies      Always somebody..."      (Selena Gomez - Kill 'em With Kindness) d) "My head's under water      But I'm breathing fine      You're crazy and I'm out of my mind..."      (John Legend - All of Me) 4 - Coloque o verbo entre parênteses no Present Continuous     a) The Children ___________ in the garden (play).     b) She ______________ fast today (drive).     c) They ______________ each other today (not talk).     d) Be quiet please. The baby ____________ (sleep).     e) At the moment my wife __________ the dogs and I _________ the plants (feed/water).     f) Why ________ the letter again? Because I ________ for spelling mistakes (you read/check).     g) The sky ____________ dark. You'd better take an umbrella (get).     h) John ____________ at the momet. He ____________ a comic book (not study/read)     i) Where is Carla? She _____________ in the living room. What ________? She ________ television (sit/she do/ watch)     j) What a nice dress you ___________________ today (wear) Escolha a opção correta: 1) She is ___________ away from the police. (Run)     a) Running     b) Runing     c) Runying 2) We're not __________ to our parents. (Lie)     a) Lieing     b) Lying     c) Ling 3) Animals are _________ in Amazonia. (Die)     a) Dying     b) Dieing     c) Ding 4) They're __________ lots of money (Make)      a) Making      b) Makeing      c) Makeyng 5) She is _______ in her studies (Excel)     a) Excelling     b) Exceling     c) Excellying 6) Are you ___________ now? (Stop)     a) Stoping     b) Stopping     c) Stoppying 7) She is __________ Mike's brother. (Date)     a) Dateing     b) Dating     c) Datying 8) I am __________ tired today (Feel)     a) Feeling     b) Feelling     c) Feling ​

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