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You can't leave the hotel without checking a) in b) out c) into d) against This company deals buying and selling cars, a) in b) with c) about d) of He has travelled for a year. I'm looking forward.hearing from him. a) on b) for c) to d) about You can count Osama. He's very reliable, a) on b) of c) to d) for I never hear Ragab these days. Do you know how he is? a) about b) of c) from d) on Our boss believes .......the power of positive thinking and teaches us about it. a) of b) in c) to d) on The terrorists planned to blow the bridge but in vain. a) off c) in & When he was a baby, Ahmed was up by his grandfather in Sohag, a) brought b) used c) turned d) made 9 Hany cared his mother while she's recovering from her illness. a) on b) of c) for d) to 10 I'm still not sure if we can play tennis today. It depends the weather a) to b) on c) for d) in * When he was young, he dreamed being a famous football player, a) on b) in c) to d) of 12 Many soldiers were exposed ...... dangerous chemicals during the war. a) to b) on c) of d) in 13 We're concentrating ......... opening new markets for our products overseas. a) to b) of c) on d) with 44 My sister and I used to argue a lot, but now we get ............ well. a) up b) along c) through d) over 15 The company's directors were arrested and charged........... tax evasion i was a) to b) of c) on d) with 16 We trust Ola, so we ......... her up when the company accused her of stealing. a) brought b) made c) turned d) backed 17 When Basma was driving to work, her car............., so she took a taxi instead. + a) turned down b) used up c) broke down d) fell off 18 Did you call Maher and see his new apartment? a) on b) for c) in 19 After you check to the hotel, the porter will take your bags up to your room, a) out b) on c) onto d) in 20 Do you think going for a walk would a Sally up? She's still feeling bad about losing her job. a) make c) cheer d) back 21 If you're overweight, it's time to on the amount of fatty food, junk food and snack foods that you eat. a) turn off b) cut down c) get through d) use up d) over b) bring​

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